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Hood, Tee, Slipmats & Vinyl Bundle

Feed Me

Livraison Gratuite
Bespoke oversized hood, tee & vinyl bundle featuring multimedia album artwork, back print and Feed Me hem patch logo detailing, a pair of high fidelity, ultra-soft, full colour slipmats featuring full colour multimedia album artwork crop and two-colour centre label logo & vinyl album record fearing multimedia two-sided sleeve, coordinated inner sleeve and unique three colour splatter vinyl.

Garments are intentionally sized up to get the oversized feel. This means that the small t-shirts will be labelled as medium etc.

1. Big Kitten
2. Blanket Ban
3. Reckless Feat. Tasha Baxter
4. Cost A Fiver Had A Tenner
5. Night Boat
6. If It Bounces
7. Stupid Small Face
8. Frank Frazetta
9. Stop Motion Feat. Heights
10. Tamp Tamp Tamp
11. Feather Crown

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Feed Me - Hood, Tee & Vinyl Bundle
Livraison Gratuite

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Feed Me - Hood, Tee, Slipmats & Vinyl Bundle
Livraison Gratuite